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International Conference on
March 3-4, 2014
(The official languages of the conference are Hungarian and English.)

The flyer of the Conference: download


Eszterházy Károly College (EKF), Eger

  • Research Group for Regional Economic Development (RGK)
  • Institute of Economic Sciences

University of Miskolc (ME), Miskolc

  • Business Theory and Practice Doctorate School


Eszterházy Károly College B building, 4. Egészségház St. 5th floor

Hotel E*Stella, Eszterházy Club


March 3, 2014 (Monday)

09:30   Opening: Dr. Kálmán LIPTAI, Rector (EKF)

Morning Session

Chair: Prof. János SZLÁVIK (EKF-ME), Head of RGK

09:45   Prof. György KOCZISZKY, Dean (ME), Member of the Monetary Council, Central Bank of Hungary

The Current Issues and Regional Aspects of Monetary Policy

10:15   Dr. Gábor BARTUS, Secretary, National Council for Sustainable Development

The National Conception of Transition towards Sustainability

10:45   Alex VÁMOSI PhD Vice Dean & Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), Mike SLOTKIN PhD, Associate Professor (FIT)

Unsustainable Public Financing- Sustainability’s Emerging Vulnerability

11:15   Prof. Klára SZITA, Head of the Business Theory and Practice Doctorate School (ME)

The Possibilities of Applying Life-Cycle Theory in Regional Development Analyses

11:45   Prof. Sándor KEREKES, Head of Doctoral School of Economics and Organization Studies at Kaposvár University, Professor (BCE)

Two World View?

12:15   Prof. János SZLÁVIK, Dr. Hajnalka CSÁFOR, Associate Professor, Head of the Institute of Economic Science, & Dr. Miklós FÜLE Associate Professor Retired

The Internal Structure of Counties from a Sustainability Perspective

13:00-14:00    Buffet lunch

Afternoon Session

Chair: Dr. Hajnalka CSÁFOR, Vice Dean, Secretary of RGK

14:00   Dr. Tibor KOVÁCS, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Tourism

Demographical changes and urban (re)development in Eastern-Europe: is there any sustainable way?

14:30   Dr. Tekla SZÉP, Assistant Lecturer (ME)

The Analysis of Sustainable Energy Management in Post-Socialist Countries

15:00   Dr. Adam NOVOTNY, Associate Professor

The Role of University Spin-offs in Regional Development

15:30  Dr. Lóránt DÁVID, professor (KRF)

Tourism Ecology: A New Deal of Tourism Development

16:00  Dagmar PRIVIDI – Jaroslav DUGAS

Strategy methods in some industrial companies

16:30 Discussion

March 4, 2014 (Tuesday)

10:00   Panel discussion

Moderator: Sándor OROJÁN, Local Government of Heves County, President of the Regional Development Council, Local Representative


  • Sándor OROJÁN
  • Alex VÁMOSI PhD
  • Mike SLOTKIN PhD
  • Dr. János SZLÁVIK
  • Dr. Miklós FÜLE
  • Dr. Hajnalka CSÁFOR
  • Róbert DOMJÁN

12:00   Closing remarks

  • Prof. János SZLÁVIK
  • Sándor OROJÁN

Contact Persons:

Dr. Hajnalka CSÁFOR: hcsafor@ektf.hu Tel: +36-30-9900-974

Prof. János SZLÁVIK: szlavik@ektf.hu Tel: +36-30-436-5541

January 2014, Eger

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